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Our Ride On Scrubber Hire Options

In stark contrast to the sizzling September of 2016, 2017 is expected to be sodden, stormy, sporadic… and just a bit bleak, to be honest.

We’re less than a week into September and we’re already considering digging out the wellies, with our wet weather streaming in from the North Atlantic, following the absolutely devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey at the end of August 2017.**

The gloomy weather isn’t expected to let up anytime soon according to the Met Office. We’ve been told to prepare for a continuation of this unsettled weather, seeing regular heavy and stormy showers, with potential for hail and thunder. Towards the end of the month we can expect improvements, with dryer and brighter spells making an appearance while temperatures are increasing.

Why are we acting like your regional weather reporter, we hear you ask?
Well, to be blunt: dust, mud and grime.

The recent wet weather encourages the transport of debris, mud, and general dirt – whether spread around by fork truck tyres or employees moving through the workplace with muddy or wet feet. Once the weather clears up and the pools evaporate, we can expect compacted grime in and around the workplace. While unavoidable really, it doesn’t make the best impression when showing prospective customers around your business.

If you notice dried-on dirty marks and grime getting worked into the floor during and following the bad weather, looking into industrial ride on scrubber hire is the perfect solution, as a scrubber dryer feeds clean water and cleaning fluid onto the affected area to loosen the grime and the squeegee helps to remove this while drying the floor as it passes.

In comparison to the traditional mop-and-bucket method, utilising an industrial scrubber dryer is far more effective as it cuts down dramatically on the time taken to complete a task, whilst also reducing down time as the floor can be accessed just shortly after a clean, rather than having to wait for any dirty water left behind by a traditional mop to dry.

SRS Cleaning Equipment provide a plethora of options when it comes to industrial ride on scrubber hire, which can suit a variety of applications:

Ride on scrubber hire

Ride on scrubber dryers are best suited to large applications with open areas of floor space or wide aisles to clean and maintain. Benefits of a ride on scrubber dryer are:
Reduced time to carry out cleaning task

  1. Operator fatigue is reduced
  2. Reduced need for manual labour
  3. Improved health and safety compliance

Pedestrian scrubber hire

Pedestrian scrubber dryers are ideal for small to medium sized locations. Benefits are:

  1. Reduced cleaning time
  2. Reduced need for manual labour 
  3. Improved health and safety at work

Sweepers/scrubbers for hire

Combination cleaning machines (or sweeper scrubbers as they’re more commonly becoming known as) combine the features of both industrial sweepers and industrial scrubber dryers. In late September we’re expecting to see some hotter temperatures and dryer days, which could increase the level of dust and debris – a combination cleaning machine would be able to simultaneously sweep dust and debris away whilst removing the grime ingrained into the floor left over from the bleak weather.

  1. Sweep and scrub simultaneously
  2. Operator fatigue reduced
  3. Improved health and safety at work

Not only do we offer a huge range of scrubbers for hire, we offer multiple scrubber hire options depending on how long you will need the machine for.

If you’re looking for spot hire after this month’s torrential downpours, we have the perfect option for you, offering emergency scrubber hire to resolve your cleaning issues if something crops up unexpectedly!

We also offer short to medium term hire, which is ideal to test equipment in your own workplace to assess how suitable it is in practice, a longer rolling hire (as known as our ‘Flexi Hire’ option as you’re not bound in by contract!) and outright purchase.

Looking to give your business a bit of a spruce up in response to the dismal weather we’ve seen this early September? Just get in touch with us on 0330 678 11 22, or send us an enquiry.

** There are websites enabling you to donate responsibly, such as The Salvation Army, American Red Cross and many more. We encourage you to do what you can to help, if you are in a fortunate enough position where you are able to so.

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