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The Benefits of a Combination Sweeper Scrubber

Combination sweeper scrubbers are the most effective and high-speed method to sweep and scrub your floors, as their expert build and deliberate design allows you to carry out both of these tasks simultaneously.

A combination sweeper scrubber reduces the need for manpower and hours labouring over one large and arduous cleaning task. Using a ride on combination sweeper scrubber to complete your cleaning tasks not only reduces the need to hire an entire team of cleaners with a mop and bucket, and the time this would take to do so, but you’re also halving the time taken to conclude the entire cleaning task from start to finish as you are able to scrub and sweep in one path, rather than first completing your sweep and then going back over to scrub the area required.

A combination scrubber sweeper is also useful if you’re keen to keep capital free for other projects or need to budget more carefully for maintenance tasks, as you are investing in a machine that has the capabilities of carrying out the entire cleaning task, rather than purchasing or hiring two separate machines that essentially complete the same job. Purchasing or hiring a combination scrubber sweeper from SRS Cleaning Equipment helps you reduce on ownership costs, labour costs and even maintenance costs.

As combination sweeper scrubbers are multi-functional machines, they’re the superior solution where efficiency is concerned. Not only can they sweep and scrub in one path, but they can also be used both indoors and outdoors, meaning your investment in just one machine can cover all bases: they can sweep and scrub virtually anywhere, in impressive time scales.

Though there are many features that can make a combination sweeper/scrubber an amazing solution to your cleaning needs, the key aspect to a fantastic, multi-functional and impressively capable combination sweeper scrubber is that it has separate sweep and scrub functions to provide unrivalled cleaning performance. This means that dry debris is kept separate from wet cleaning solution. The sweep path should ideally also be larger than the scrubbing path, as this can avoid loose debris getting missed by the sweep path – you want to avoid this as if you get debris caught in the scrub path, it could get in the pathway of the squeegee, meaning you risk machine damage but also increase the likelihood of streaky floors as the squeegee may push these into the floor – which is totally counter productive!

Which Machine Would Suit Me Best?

Large (Battery Powered) Ride On Scrubber Dryer With Debris Catch Facility

The large, battery powered ride on scrubber dryer with debris catch facility is ideal for factories that need a little aggressive scrubbing to bring back to live.

The cylindrical scrubbing brush has a working width of 96 cm, along with the integrated sweeping function.

The dirt and debris is collected in a separate dirt hopper than the clean and dirty water tanks – meaning that you’re constantly pumping clean solution out to ensure the scrub path is sparkling!

The machine’s large battery pack gives you a long run time, and a quiet operation so you needn’t worry about disturbing staff!

Large Ride On Full Sweeper/Scrubber (LPG powered)

The large ride on full combination sweeper scrubber offers a pre-sweep facility which enables you to remove the worst of the debris initially.

This industrial cleaning machine scrubs aggressively and is ideal for car parks, airports, construction sites, distribution, warehousing or factories.

The machine was designed to be a construction machine so has a steel shell made to withstand industrial environments.

The oversized cleanout ports allow easy draining of the recovery tank and straightforward sludge removal.

Large Ride On Full Sweeper/Scrubber (LPG or Diesel)

This heavy duty full industrial combination scrubber-sweeper’s dual performance capabilities mean it is the ideal machine for indoor or outdoor applications, such as construction sites or warehouses.

It provides you with complete dust control, making the area safer for staff and customers alike, and can remove heavy debris at the same time as carrying out a vigorous scrub – it can even empty the debris hopper from a height of 60”!

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