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The Best Ride On Scrubber Hire Package

Having amassed over 35 years of industry experience, we’ve developed a strong sense of intuition when it comes down to our well-loved and well-trusted machines, and which sector ride on scrubber hire most appropriate for.

Though we’ll sometimes receive the odd out-of-the-blue enquiry that throws a bit of a spanner in the works, overall the main areas we specialise in tend to be providing the more demanding environments such as manufacturing facilities, distribution sites, car parks and construction sites with highly efficient and heavy duty scrubber dryers and sweepers.

During the enquiry phase, we’ll find as much about your requirement as possible, and will even carry out site visits where we feel it is necessary. Once we know what you do, and what your venue will require, we will be able to recommend the machine best suited to your needs.

Whether you need a pedestrian or ride-on cleaning machine will be determined by the size of the site and budget available. Ride-on machines are often considered more productive, but can be slightly more costly. For this reason, SRS offer short term scrubber hire plans so that companies are able to evaluate a machine in their own operation before committing to a longer term package. We’ll also always offer advice and demonstrations to really show the capabilities of our cleaning machines, so you are able to determine if the machine will suit your operation.

Manufacturing Sites

For manufacturing sites, we often recommend our Flexi-hire option as this allows for long term hire of machines without tying customers into contract or fixed term agreements. With SRS Flexi hire plan, you can upsize, downsize or de-hire equipment at any stage to match their operational requirement.

A requirement of engineering sites is to keep walkways and around shop floor equipment clean and safe. The machines most appropriate for this application are pedestrian scrubber dryers, or even small ride on scrubber dryers, as they are battery powered so have no trailing cable to get in the way or intertwined with equipment. These machines also have a machine-mounted battery charger so it can be recharged overnight in any area that has 110 volt or 240 volt supply.

Distribution and Logistics Sites

Although we offer new and second hand machine sales, we find that the most popular option tends to be spot hire for deep cleans or rolling, casual scrubber hire using our Flexi hire facility.  

The larger logistics operations and manufacturing facilities like to long term hire via our Flexi hire option as then they are not tied to a contract or fixed term and can upsize/downsize or de-hire equipment at any stage to match their operational requirement.

We’re aware that large logistics centres struggle with dust issues, and the best machines to combat this irritating problem are sweepers. The size and area of floorspace will determine which size machine is best, however we have a range to suit different applications.

If your company stores or distributes food products and must maintain high levels of hygiene, or are at risk of spillages that could turn into grimy messes, we tend to recommend the e110 scrubber dryer. It is able to scrub large floor areas whilst also coping with the small chunks of pallet debris that are so often found in logistic operations.

Car Parks

Although a car park is the first area a client will see when arriving at your venue, they’re often forgotten about until last minute when they look like a bit of a state – we often will provide clients with machines for spot hire purposes – though of course we’d always recommend our clients to carry out regular car park maintenance.

Using a car park scrubber dryer encourages more accurate parking as the bay markings are more clear for drivers, and regularly cleaning the floor will reduce costs long term for repairs and damage.

Construction Sites

We find that the most suitable scrubber hire plan for construction sites is short to medium term hire, so that during the site build process there is a machine at hand at all times, up until the final clean before handover to client.

Some customers will also spot hire for deep clean of their premises, but its common occurrence that once our customers have used our machines in their own application they will be so impressed with the results that they will get in touch about longer term scrubber hire or purchase so that they have a machine ready to use and keep the floors clean consistently and not just periodically.

So, what are my options for ride on scrubber hire?

At SRS you aren’t held down to anything. You are able to request spot hire, short term hire, medium term hire or longer term flexi hire.

Spot hire allows you to hire a machine urgently – if disaster strikes and you need to clean up in a hurry, SRS have got you covered.

Short to medium term scrubber hire is most frequently used to either test a machine in your workspace, or for industries such as the construction sector where a project has a clear timeline.

Our casual SRS Flexi hire option means that you can hire long term, but with no contractual obligations. It is managed with a rolling hire arrangement which is usually 6 months or above. However, we know requirements can change; with SRS, you can change your machine or de-hire at any time.

Whatever machine you’re looking for, please feel free to get in touch with us on 0330 678 11 22 and our talented staff will advise you based on your requirements.

For more information call us on 0330 678 11 22. Alternatively, send us an email at [email protected] and we will respond straight away.

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