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Scrub up for Summer with SRS Cleaning Equipment

Temperatures are creeping up this week meaning only one thing… the Great British summer is just around the corner. With brighter days giving us extra hours of daylight, now is the perfect time to spruce up your premises. Below are some examples of how floor cleaning can help and why you should be considering floor cleaning machine hire.

Impress prospective students

Schools, colleges and universities will have prospective students visiting during the coming months. With each person set to make a long-term commitment to their academic future, you need to give them the best possible impression.

An excellent starting point is to ensure floors are sparkling clean and polished. For this task, the NSS Wrangler range has a couple of superb options in the form of the 2016 and 2625 models. These combine a scrubber and dryer for a complete floor cleaning solution that works in corridors, sports halls and other facilities.

Shopping Centres

The longer evening will mean extended summer shopping hours for much of the UK. With an array of shopping centres and outlets vying for visitors, it’s vital to maintain clean environments for customers. There is no way to shield visibly dirty floors and surfaces from customers, so the only way to avoid losing business is to stay clean.

At SRS Cleaning Equipment, the 2016 and 2625 are also recommended for the interiors of shopping centres and arcades. Meanwhile, there are models like the SW9X/1900 that can clean indoors and outdoors and are great for floor cleaning machine hire. This will also let you maintain cleaning standards in your parking areas.


Busy warehouses and logistical centres can be extremely busy, making it tough to ensure they are continually cleaned without suitable floor cleaning equipment. However, businesses must find a proven solution if they are to maintain safe levels of dust and debris. In these instances, a combination floor cleaner would be ideal. By design, they are capable of sweeping up dust and debris while also scrubbing and drying surfaces in one go. These floor cleaners are great for large warehouses, but smaller premises can consider sweeping-only models like the Rider 1201.

Construction Sites

Cleaning plays an integral role within health and safety plans at construction sites. With numerous staff working around hazardous machinery and materials, the site has to be well organised. Combination cleaners will also be incredibly effective at construction sites, but this time for deep cleaning and handover cleans.

With summer nearly upon us, it’s time to scrub up your premises. For any floor cleaning machine hire or purchase queries, please get in touch using the Contact Us page.

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