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Why Ride On Floor Scrubber Hire Is Ideal For Car Parks

With the increase in footfall during December and January and the adverse weather conditions, a simple sweep of the floor will not be enough in most shopping centre car parks which is when ride on floor scrubber hire is a the ideal solution!

Just some of the benefits of ride on floor scrubber hire for car parks are:

1. Improving the customers overall experience, the car park is usually the first part of the building the customer will see so a clean and tidy car park floor will make a good first impression

2. Keeping the parking/white lines clean and clear will encourage more accurate parking and maximise parking spaces available which is better for both the consumer and retailer

3. Regularly cleaning the floor should reduce overall long term costs for repairs, maintenance and damage

4. Using a scrubber dryer will reduce the risk of slips and falls as they can be used to clean oil leaks/spills and remove surface water that cars may bring in from rain or snow

Pedestrian and ride-on scrubber dryers can clean any type of car park surface, it’s just a case of establishing the best scrub brushes (and sometimes chemical) for the application.

When we hire our out our scrubber dryers to car parks our machine installers bring a variety of brushes and pads on their vehicles. On delivery they will take a look at the application and fit the best brushes for the task. Our delivery drivers will also advise on the best cleaning methods and techniques to get the floor clean and make the most out of the machine while it’s on site.

We have a full range of industrial specification scrubber dryers available on our spot hire and rolling hire fleet as well as new and refurbished units for sale. For machine brochures and videos of the machines in action check out our range of scrubber dryers!

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